Cyber Security Analyst

Connected Systems Partner’s client is looking for a Cyber Security Analyst who will be responsible for completing a thorough risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities within a network, and creating firewalls, or configuring systems to enhance existing security features.
The Security Analyst will be expected to respond to, and document, any security threats, resolve technical faults and allocate resources to deliver real solutions in a cost-effective way.
Must also be proficient in:
• Understanding complex technical issues and managing them within a fast-paced business environment
• Maintaining all the software and hardware in relation to security
• Documenting security certification
• Identifying current and emerging technology issues including security trends, vulnerabilities and threats
• Threat intelligence
• Sourcing and implementing new security solutions to better protect the organisation
• Conducting proactive research to analyse security weaknesses and recommend appropriate strategies
• Liaising with vendors to implement security solutions
Essential Duties
• Conducting operational Information Security tasks, including responding to Security incidents using internal solution.
• Working with the Technical Solutions team to recommend treatment plans and ensure Group IT maintains compliance with its vulnerability management policies.
• Investigating alerts from the McAfee ESM & reporting incidents in ServiceNow.
• Threat hunting and investigation using Cisco AMP, Threat Response, Threat Grid, Stealthwatch & Umbrella.
• Working with the Infrastructure & Technical Solutions team to ensure integrity and security of the infrastructure environment.
• BAU role with some project exposure working in a large IT team.
Education & Experience
• Previous experience in a similar Security Engineering role.
• Exposure to a variety of technologies from vendors including CISCO, Checkpoint, Fortinet, McAfee and Microsoft.
• Strong practical understanding of SIEM technology, Firewalls, VPN, IPS, Active Directory, Endpoint Protection and Vulnerability Management.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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