Connected Systems Partners provides its clients with access to the hard to find engineering talent critical to an organization’s success. We have a vast network of high-end technical talent that is both actively and passively looking for new contract, contract to hire and permanent employment opportunities. Our services include sourcing local and national talent and applying the highest level of candidate vetting to ensure that our candidates meet your project and business objectives. We understand time is money, so we ensure our selected candidates integrate seamlessly into your project team; reducing the need for additional ramp-up and on-boarding time. In the end, we find and recruit top tier talent to support our client’s most important business objectives. Our client’s success will always remain our company’s #1 priority.

Industries represented include, but are not limited to medical device, life sciences, pharmaceutical, robotics, control systems, industrial controls and sensors, security and entertainment devices, video cameras, and overall software, hardware and mechanical engineering development. Our client companies range in size from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Connected Systems Partners welcomes inquiries from diverse clients, looking to add exceptional talent to their team.